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A research lab using AI to build commercial applications for legal


SwiftLaw aims to utilize AI to disrupt the US legal system.

SwiftLaw uses machine learning techniques to build outcome engines for litigation and LLMs to automate formation and compliance paperwork.


We believe new technology is validated by the prospect of accelerated disruption. The legal system has systemically poor incentives; as hourly rates for lawyers are billed out in 6 minute increments (1/10 of an hour).

Legal AI's disruption is in utilizing software to abstract and automate end-to-end attorney tasks during those 6 minutes. Only such “6 minute tools” align incentives for attorneys to provide in-the-loop technology products that make legal work simply faster and cheaper for the consumer.

Eventually, complex operational paperwork and legal tasks will be streamlined as autonomous legal services.


AI and Legal Paperwork

Question: "Can AI make end-to-end legal functions simply cheaper and faster through automation?"

We are exploring this question by building tools, models, and full-fledged legal services on the internet with the help of conscious law firms, financial institutions, and fund managers.



SwiftLaw Fund Formation Services

End-to-end online fund creation


LLC in 60

Form an LLC and get an EIN in 60 seconds


Underwriting Litigation Outcomes

A prediction tool that underwrites outcomes of litigation cases based on relevant case data and courtroom variables

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Security Deposit Justice

Take action against your withholding landlord

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